Air Locker A01 Upholstery and Construction Heavy-Duty Staple Remover

Heavy-duty staple remover with firm handle and pliers grip. Removes almost any staple. This innovative staple remover allows the user to remove staple with great ease. Ideal for heavy duty jobs, and removing deeply engrained staples, this ergonomic design is used as a lever which reduces the amount of strength needed.

This staple remover can help you quickly remove deeply embedded staples in your furniture, drywall, insulation bearing studs, or virtually where-ever else you find them, helping you skip straight to the constructive aspects of your project. Hardened steel head easily slides under staples, and rocker mechanism grips and pulls staple with minimum lateral force, preserving the condition of the underlying wood, and our high quality non-slip handle keeps you safe while working.

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  • Ergonomically design with leverage feature for comfortable use
  • Built rocker mechanism allows for ease of staple removal
  • User friendly right or left handed ergonomic ABS handle with thumb rest
  • Hardened steel head and probe for durability
  • The pinching action of this tool clamps the crown of the staple as the lever pulls it from the floor
  • Will not mar material, because no hammer is needed
  • Just insert the probe under staple and use the rocker mechanism to remove
  • Articulated lifting mechanism for easily lifting, gripping and removing staples
  • Comfortable non-slip, easy grip handle
  • Large foot -print minimizes the risk of surface damage
  • Easily lifts and removes deeply ingrained staples
  • Removes staples quickly and easily
  • Tool clamps crown of the sample
  • Lever pulls staple from floor
  • Save time and minimize damage to stapled surface
  • Light weight and portable
  • Comes in Clamshell packaging


  • Professional grade tool used for removing fine wire staples from any upholstered item
  • A must have for any reupholster job
  • Lever pulls staple from floor
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Model# A01
UPC 099461737419
Brand Air Locker

California Proposition 65

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