Quality and performance aren't the only factors associated with Air Locker products, there is a trust of professionals we've built on the back of experience, feedback and our desire to make the finest products. Let your projects come alive with Air Locker.


  1. Framing and Finish Nailers

    When you put fatigueless ergonomic design, versatility and pin-point precision together you get the Air Locker's range of framing and finish nailers. Designed to excel and amaze, these nailers go t

  2. Micro Pin Nailers

    Designed to keep you in control at all times, Air Locker's range of micro pin nailers uses premium quality materials including magnesium and hardened tool steel. When tradesmen need precision with

  3. Nail Puncher / Remover

    Air Locker offers nail puncher / removal which is ideal for recycling wooden pallets and cases. This tool is powerful and well-balanced for easy maneuverability featuring a comfortable rubber grip

  4. Fine Wire Upholstery / T-50 Staplers

    Find all the power and strength in Air Locker's variety of fine wire upholstery staplers featuring compact and lightweight build with class leading ergonomic to fare better on those long tiresome d

  5. Concrete Nailers

    Micro Nailers are the hand tools at their best – detail oriented design and highest quality manufacturing results in products that you can use for years without any decline

  6. Palm Nailers

    Now finish a wide range of jobs including joist hangers, framing, fencing, decking, flooring, roofing, toe nailing and nail removing with Air Locker's palm nailers that are designed to provide all

  7. Corrugated Fastener / Stapler

    For crate and box assembly, cabinets, caskets, curios, mirror and picture frames, pallets and pallet repair and trusses, there is nothing better than Air Locker's corrugated stapler. With strong li

  8. Coil Nailers

    Air Locker combines modern ergonomics with a light but strong magnesium body to offer premium coil nailers that go toe to toe with brand name products. Now tradesmen can get a lot done including de

  9. Narrow / Medium / Wide / Crown Staplers

    Craftsmen can now rely on premium quality and performance of Air Locker Crown Staplers featuring ergonomic grip, sturdy construction and 360 degree adjustable exhaust. Those who look for nothing bu

  10. Brad Nailers

    Designed and engineered to the highest standards, Air Locker's range of brad nailers is capable of going head to head with brand name products. Because of special care given to the ergonomics of th

  11. Manual Hand Staple Gun

    With convenient bottom loading for quick and easy reloading and compatibility with both 18 guage nails and T50 staples, Air Locker's manual hand staple gun presents a great solution for those who a

  12. Air Sander

    Air Locker air sander features tensioned spring clamps to change out sand paper with ease and an "L" pad ideally designed for sanding body filler on a vehicle, especially on flat panels. Every deta

  13. Needle Scaler

    Easily remove weld flux, rust, scale, paint, cement and other residues from hard, durable, irregular surfaces with Air Locker air needle scaler Made of high quality carbon steel this makes a great

  14. Staple Remover

    Ergonomically designed with leverage for comfortable use and user friendly right or left handed ergonomic ABS handle with thumb rest, Air Locker staple remover does the job in style. This is a prof

  15. Hole Punch Plier

    Featuring Chrome coated Zinc alloy construction, Air Locker's premium metal slot punch plier is a great tool for punching out paper, card stock, laminated items, corrugated cardboard and more mater

  16. Air Die Grinders

    Air Locker offers premium quality Air Die Grinders perfect for grinding, polishing, de-burring and smoothing sharp edges, engraving, and general shaping of parts. These grinders are compact and lightw

  17. Air Impact Wrench

    Whether you're a vehicle hobbyist or professional mechanic, Air Locker Air Impact Wrench can help simplify jobs like rotating tires or performing basic vehicle maintenance. Featuring solid build, ergo

  18. Air Spray Guns

    For high quality automotive painting, furniture painting and equipment painting applications, now rely on Air Locker's range of Air Spray Guns that are designed and manufactured to do the job in style

  19. Fastener | Accessories

    Featuring high quality build of galvanized steel, Air Locker's range of fasteners gives craftsmen the assurance and trust in quality they need to finish large projects. With Air Locker fasteners, c

  20. Hooks & Accessories

    Right accessories are crucial to your job and at Air Locker we understand the need. With our range of high quality hooks and accessories, professional craftsmen can make their lives easier breezing

  21. Oil & Lubricants

    Keeping your pneumatic tools going with proper and regular maintenance and lubrication is a task no craftsman can turn away from. Air Locker offers a range of premium quality oils and lubricants so

  22. Air Locker Parts

    Genuine replacement parts for Air Locker nailers & staplers

  23. Rags & Towels

    Introducing commercial grades Rags & Towels. Frequently used for Wiping Spills, Grease, Oil, Tools, Grime and Fluids. For use in Industrial Facilities, Factories, Machine Shops, Garages, On The