Latest News

    AL83-2 21° Framing Nailer 3-1/4" (Aluminum Mag) without Depth Adjustment

June 25th 2017

Air Locker AL83-2 now in stock offering pen nose design for easy extraction of a jammed nail. Featuring lightweight construction and well balanced ergonomics for easy maneuverability, this framing nailer can get many tasks done including framing, decking, packaging, palleting, fencing and roofing.

    U630L2 22 Guage Long Nose Upholstery Stapler

April 30th 2017

Constructed of light weight die cast Aluminum alloy, Air Locker's U630L2 22 Guage Long Nose Upholstery Stapler is now available to get a range of jobs done in professional style including bedding, cabinets, furniture, molding, picture frames, roof felt and upholstery.

    R7100G & R7100S HVLP Gravity Spray Guns

April 27th 2017

Air Locker now has in stock R7100G & R7100S HVLP Gravity Spray Guns for automotive painting, furniture painting and equipment painting applications. Gravity feed design minimizes the waste of material and polished aluminum housing allows for easy clean up.

    M72R 18 Pc Mini Air Die Grinder

April 23rd 2017

Ideal for cleaning and polishing of jewelry, porting cyline heads, dies or any hobby and craft uses, Air Locker now introduces M72R 18 Pc Mini Air Die Grinder with precision-engineered blade grinders, high-powered motor and small size, light weight, pen-shaped design.

    IR002A 17 Pc 1/2" Air Impact Wrench

April 22nd 2017

With sleek, compact, light weight design, which minimizes stress on your wrist and hands, Air Locker now offers IR002A 17 Pc 1/2" Air Impact Wrench for a range of professional jobs. Durable metal alloy construction increases wear-resistance and tool lifespan.

    DG004 & DG006 Die Grinder Sets

April 11th 2017

Now offering DG004 Mini Die Grinder and DG006 Die Grinder 16 piece each kits for welding, cutting, and polishing surfaces. Small, compact body weighs in under a pound for an easy one hand operation and eliminating chance of hand fatigue.

    AG002 & AG006 Pneumatic Sanders

April 6th 2017

AG002 2" Air Angle Sander and AG006 6" Dual Action Air Sander now available featuring high quality construction and ergonomic build for ease of use. Get multitude of professional tasks done with these premium sanders.