A04 AL Manual Butterfly Hole Punch Pliers

December 6th 2016

Brand new A04 AL Manual Butterfly Hole Punch Pliers in the pipeline, will be available soon on

    Brad Nailer & 1/4" Narrow Crown Stapler Cordless Bare Tool

November 17th 2016

In stock now, Air Locker DCF5040 18 Volt 18-Gauge 2" Brad Nailer & 1/4" Narrow Crown Stapler Cordless Bare Tool.

    In-Stock Air Locker APN900 Heavy Duty Palm Nailer

24th March

APN900 is Air Locker’s heavy duty but light weight palm nailer that features aluminum alloy body and durable hardened steel nose. It can drive common nails that are up to 5” in length while the magnetic tip helps keeping the fasteners in place. APN900 also has an ergonomic design that prevents fatigue in long jobs. APN900 can be used for many tasks including joist hangers, framing, fencing, decking, flooring, roofing, toe nailing, nail removing and more.

    In-Stock Air Locker CN55A2 Industrial Coil Nailer 2-1/4"

24th March

CN55A2 CN55A2 comes with a light weight magnesium body for better portability and ergonomic design. It also features a comfortable grip with options for both single firing and bump firing. It is a powerful tool that has the ability to drive nails consistently in most difficult tasks. CN55A2 also comes with a well balanced multidirectional exhaust cover. It’s a great product for tasks like decking, underlayment, wall sheathing, framing, furring strips and more.

    In-Stock Air Locker A01 Upholstery and Construction Heavy-Duty Staple Remover

24th March

Featuring ergonomic design, ABS handle with thumb rest and rocker mechanism, A01 makes the process of staple removing a mere convenience. There is a hardened steel head that keeps your staple remover going. It doesn’t matter what type of staple you’re trying to remove as A01 does the trick every time even with deeply ingrained fasteners causing least amount of damage to the surface. Product’s light profile helps you remove staples quickly and makes it a perfect portable staple remover.