Interstate Pneumatics YL14LT-008 Winter-Grade Low Temperature Air Tool Oil - 8 oz.

The tools used on jobsites every day can be a significant investment by the framer, roofer, or other professional who depends on these tools to complete their work. Interstate Pneumatic lubricants help to keep these tools operating at peak efficiency by minimizing wear on internal components, supporting a longer operating life. This year-round & winter-grade lubricant is used in air controlled motors, cylinders, pneumatic tools, lubricators and air lines using compressed air applications.

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  • Used in all situations from field tools, machinery & equipment
  • Allows lubrication down to -40°F
  • Specially formulated lubricant contains additives needed in colder weather, such as very low and freezing tempratures
  • Encapsulates water to remove moisture and prohibits rust of metal parts
  • Eliminates gum-up in dirty & sandy conditions
  • Increase life and adds more power in motors, cylinders, pneumatic tools and all machinery
  • Decrease equipment & repair costs with longer service intervals


  • Cap: Flip Top
  • 8 Fl. OZ
  • Made in USA
Characterstics Value Unit Test
Appearance Green N/A Visual
Density, 60° F (16° C) 9.0 lbs. / gal. ASTM D1298
Viscosity, 40° C 15 cSt ASTM D445
Viscosity, 100° C 3 cSt ASTM D445
Viscosity, Index N/A N/A ASTM D2270
Pour Point ° F (° C)ASTM D97
Flash Point 250 (21) ° F (° C) ASTM D92
Fire Point 300 (149) ° F (° C) ASTM D92
Emulsibility, H2O absorb % N/A N/A NFO Method

Emulsibility, H2O

Separation >2 hrspass

N/A N/A NFO Method
4-Ball Wear 0.94 mm D-2596
More Information
Model# YL14LT-008
UPC 099461691612

California Proposition 65

Brand Interstate Pneumatics
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